What is the strongest water gun in the world?

Aug 11, 2021

Do you still remember the water battles back in the 1990s?

You enjoyed soaking your friends every summer while you were trying to stay dry. You were using different methods to win the water fight: from quick, casual fights to long and objective-oriented battles. Some of you might have also organized a whole tournament splitting up in two or more groups, spraying each other to find out who has the best equipment and plays most tacital.

We have now designed the SpyraTwo to bring back all these unforgettable memories and make them even better!


If you want to see the SpyraTwo in action, you can watch the first impression video from our YouTuber Drac (LordDraconical). 


Now you wonder why the SpyraTwo is the strongest water gun in the world?

We will answer this question and even more hereafter! 

But first we want to answer the most frequently asked question:


What is the difference between the SpyraOne and SpyraTwo?

The SpyraOne was designed in 2018. The battery lasts for 50 pumping cycles and the SpyraOne can release 40 water blasts per minute.

Apart from some very cool design changes, we have doubled the performance of the battery (105 pumping cycles) and significantly increased the fire rate. We have implemented a new and improved display with more tactical features and also made some minor improvements like a less noisy pump and less dripping at the front.

Here you can find a direct comparison that shows the most important differences between the SpyraOne and SpyraTwo:


SpyraOne SpyraTwo
Design 2018 2021
Battery life 50 pumping cycles 105 pumping cycles
Rate of fire 40.2 blasts / minute 54.5 blasts / minute
Effective / maximum range 8.2 m / 13.5 m 9.0 m / 14.2 m
USB-C charging time 5.1 hours 4.0 hours
Pumping noise high-pitched pump sound frequency / volume reduced
Tank volume 24 blasts 21 blasts
Weight empty 1.8 kg [3.9 lb] empty 2.2 kg [4.8 lb]
Pump time 8.5 sec. 9.5 sec.
Volume per blast 28 ml 31 ml


And why is the SpyraTwo the strongest water gun in the world?

Woman with one blue SpyraTwo














Single-Shot Technology

The SpyraTwo is the only water gun in the world with our patented single-shot technology that sets it apart from average water guns. We thought it would be much more exciting if you blast out individual water bullets instead of only one continuous stream of water. Hit your opponents from afar with a powerful blast of water that leaves them drenched!

One single water blast of the SpyraTwo has a target range of 9 meters (30 feet). As the strongest water gun in the world the SpyraTwo needs to have a feature that demonstrates the sheer power of an electric water blaster of this caliber. This feature is the Power Shot which has the impact of three regular water bullets. The Power Shot definitely ‘hits different’ and drenches your opponents almost completely.


Automatic Pump

Do you remember when you had to run back into the house during a water battle, unscrew the tank, fill it up with water from the tap and sprint back into the garden? Never has anything decreased the joy and action of a water battle like the necessity of manually filling the tank.

To facilitate and speed up this procedure we equiped the SpyraTwo with a fully automatic pump. It allows you to fill the tank by simply dipping the front of the SpyraTwo into any source of water such as the SpyraBase filled with water. It takes about 10 seconds to fill the tank and you don't have to pump that time either. This means you will lose almost no time during the battle and you will be back in the game very fast! With this feature the SpyraTwo will change the way you play water fights forever.


Tactical Display

Besides shaking the water gun and trusting in your sense of weight, there was no way to find out whether you had enough water left for that final water battle-winning shot.

The tactical high-tech display of the SpyraTwo allows you to conveniently read the current fill level in percent with 0% being empty and 100% being full. The display also shows you the battery status so you know exactly when you need to plug your SpyraTwo in for charging.


The whole is more than the sum of its parts. With the SpyraTwo having all these well thought-out technical features, you can play a game that allows more tactical and strategic thinking and which is filled with action at the same time. The SpyraTwo is a high-tech water gun for serious water battle enthusiasts who are looking to step up their game in epic next level water fights!



If there are still questions left about how to use your SpyraTwo before the first epic water battle, you can watch our Quick Start Guide.


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 SpyraTwo Duel Set blue and red

Now we wish you lots of fun with your new SpyraTwo and we hope that you will experience many more epic and unforgettable water battles with the SpyraTwo!

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