3 game modes equals 3 times the power, 3 times the juice and 3 times the epicness. With the SpyraThree™ you have the upper hand on the playing field.
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SpyraThree - 3 game modes equals 3 times the power, 3 times the juice and 3 times the epicness. With the SpyraThree™ you have the upper hand on the playing field.
Top 5 Questions

What's the difference between the SpyraThree™, the SpyraTwo™ and the SpyraLX™?

The SpyraTwo™ and SpyraThree™ are our fully automated blasters. They come along with an auto-reload which refills and repressurizes your blaster in under 10 seconds. On top, they have a digital display to be in control of the tank and battery status at all times.

While the SpyraTwo™ is made for the ultimate Gameplay with one game mode, the SpyraThree™ is your buddy at any occasion. You can switch between three different play styles: Open mode for freestyle, burst mode to have a blast with three blast by one trigger and league mode for ultimate gameplay. The SpyraLX™ is our manual SpyraBlaster. It comes along with the signature SpyraBlast tech and contant pressure but is refilled by muscle power.

How far can the SpyraThree™ shoot?

With the SpyraThree™ you can hit targets up to 10 metres away with pinpoint accuracy. With the PowerShot of the League mode you even have a range of 15m.

What do the game modes of the SpyraThree™ look like?

Our engineering team has enabled the most epic water blaster. With the SpyraThree™ you have the chance to switch between three play styles. Choose the style that is right for you and the occasion. Open mode: Just fire away as you like. Every time you pull the trigger, a powerful water blast will be released. Burst mode: Fire 3 super fast, consecutive, ultra-powerful water blasts everytime you pull the trigger. But beware, your tank will be depleted insanely fast. League mode: This is our official SPYRA tournament mode. Your rate of fire is restricted, but keep the trigger pulled to release a PowerShot for superior range and impact.
Does it hurt to get hit?
The individual shots are strong but not painful. Part of the fun factor is that you feel the hit, but you shouldn't be knocked out by it. The game must go on, right?

How do I refill the SpyraThree™?

To reload, just dip the front of the SpyraThree™ into a water source and fully load and repressurize in a few pumps. No need to run back into the house and no need for a significant time out.
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Customer Reviews

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Vlad A.B.
Top water gun

The Spyra Water Gun is a very nice gadget / toy / tool! The build quality is nice, and seems quite durable. Regarding delivery I was super satisfied, as expectations are that parcels are never on time between different European countries.

Beyond its playfulness, the Spyra Water Gun has proven surprisingly versatile. It's not just for outdoor water fights; I've turned bathroom cleaning into a joyous activity with this nifty gadget. The innovative design and easy refill feature ensure uninterrupted excitement, making it a household favorite.

For a water gun that delivers on quality, speed, and unexpected practicality, the Spyra Water Gun is a winner. It's transformed both playtime and chores into awesome experiences!

Really love it and would recommend it if anyone has some extra cash to spare. Also, I can imagine kids would go nuts to have such a thing!

A very happy birthday boy

My son waited months to get his Spyra 3 for his birthday. After watching maybe YouTube videos, it was all he talked about and when he eventually got to open his present he was so excited. The Spyra 3 did not disappoint. It has given him many hours of fun playing with it, he loves it.


Amazing product, absolutely love Spyra.