And in the red corner, we have our lightest model: the SpyraGO. Geared for ages 8+, this contender is powerful, portable and primed for adventure.
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SpyraGO™ - And in the red corner, we have our lightest model: the SpyraGO. Geared for ages 8+, this contender is powerful, portable and primed for adventure.


Over 9000 blasts per charge for hours of uninterrupted gameplay.



Stay updated with convenient displays for blasts and battery levels.



Compact and sleek design, with a textured handle for strong grip.



Shot strength: light enough for little legends, strong enough to be fun.

Swiftly slide for instant tank access, refilling with tap, bottle, or SpyraBase, propelling you to pro-level performance.
Top 5 Questions
What's the difference between the SpyraThree, SpyraLX and the SpyraGO?

The SpyraThree is our Pro Model. It is the most powerful of the Spyra Water Blasters with automatic refill, LED Battery and Tank Level Display, and Three Gameplay Modes.


The SpyraLX is our Rogue Model and is our second most powerful blaster. We call it the Rogue Model because it has a manual pump to reload the tank and doesn't require charging. So you can go rogue against your opponents anytime, anywhere.


The SpyraGO is our Light Model, with a manual tank refill system with a tank slider for quick and easy refills, LED-Display for blast and battery indicators, and Tank Level Display.


All SpyraBlasters use one-of-a-kind Spyra Single Shot Technology to shoot individual water blasts with power and precision.

Does it hurt to get hit?
The SpyraGO shot is the lightest in the Spyra Universe, but it still packs enough of a punch to be fun! Do not shoot into the face.
How do I refill the water tank?
Simply open the tank slider and fill the tank under a hose, tap, or with a water bottle. Always use clean water.
Do I need to clean or maintain the SpyraGO?
Use clean water when filling your SpyraGO to keep it working spick-and-span. Clean the outer shell with a clean, damp cloth when necessary.
Can I connect a strap?
Yes! The SpyraGO includes a strap connector for BYO strap capabilities.
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Customer Reviews

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Maximilian M.
Little Brother Of PowerTech

I ordered the SpyraGO directly when it was available in the Spyra Shop. Delivery only took two days and was very straightforward.
Visually, the SpyraGO is definitely an eye-catcher. The red and blue are already familiar, but the black elements are awesome! I have the red SpyraGO and it looks brilliant.
The shots are not comparable with the SpyraThree. But you get a lot more shots per water charge and the battery lasts an incredibly long time.
For me, it's a great addition to the product range, as my nieces and nephews are still younger and always wanted to play with my SpyraThree. With the SpyraGO, I now have a high-tech water pistol that even younger children can use for a water fight. I'll probably have to get the blue one for the summer too.