Epic trickshot games with water blasters

Oct 26, 2022
SpyraBlast technology

In many parts of the world, autumn is already here. But even when the days get colder, you don't have to put your SpyraBlaster in the cellar. Unlike other water guns, the SpyraBlaster is not just there to cool down your friends. Thanks to the SpyraBlast technology and its individual, powerful blasts, epic adventures can still be a thing in autumn.

How about a trickshot challenge, for example? Whether alone or against friends, you can challenge yourself (and gain ahhhs and ohhhhs) with trickshots. True to the motto "Summer bodies are made in winter", now is the time to train your skills and make your opponents look old as soon as it gets warmer again. We show you our coolest trickshots with the SpyraTwoTM and the SpyraLXTM.

Trickshot #1

Precisition Shinobi


A big advantage of the SpyraBlaster: highly precise blasts. You can use them to shoot small objects like a ping-pong ball off two stacked cups. Just balancing the two cup openings on top of each other can be a challenge itself. Place the table tennis ball on top on the construct and the fun can begin. The aim is to shoot the table tennis ball down without hitting the cups. If the ball lands on the floor and the cups remain standing, you are true Precisition Shinobi!

If this is too easy for you (probs to you), there is also level 2 for this trickshot. Try to hit the upper cup so that the ping pong ball falls into the lower cup. Even our most skilled fighters have failed this challenge so far. 


@spyra Would you have made it? Shooting the ball into the red cup #spyra #viral #fyp #spyratwo #ball #cup #challenge ♬ Exhilarating and modern Future Bass c(884576) - MASK G


Trickshot #2

Flying Fall


You think you can already shoot super precisely? Then try your hand at flying objects. The movement not only depends on your precision skills, but also to a large extent on the right timing. So this trick shot is certainly more suitable for advanced players. Unless, of course, you take a monstrous Frisbee. But knowing our SpyraCommunity, there are real doers among us who really want to challenge themselves.

The trick shot is very easy to perform - at least in theory. To practise, you can first have your friends throw the objects. The pros throw the objects into the air themselves - the SpyraBlaster with a hand movement in an active position. You can throw many things: frisbees (but you know...), tennis balls, empty bottles, soap bubbles, balloons, your sister's old Barbie, cups, etc.

Just make sure that the items are not breakable. Your partners favourite cup or decoration is less suitable.


@spyra SpyraTwo is back in stock 🔥!!! #spyra #spyratwo #epic #backinstock #viral #fyp ♬ original sound - SPYRA


Trickshot #3

Cup Torpedo


To hold your own in a duel against your friends, a trick shot is suitable, in which a winner and a loser clearly emerge. There are different modes of Cup Torpedo, but they are always built on the same basis: A certain number of cups are set up, and player A and player B shoot at them simultaneously. Each player gets his own set-up of cups. Whoever shoots all their cups off a bench, fence, wall, garden table etc. first wins the battle.

This trick shot can also be modified to add a bit more drama to the old-fashioned can throwing. The cups are stacked on top of each other in a pyramid and the first person to sweep the surface is the winner. 


@spyra We’re not just leveling up...we’re leveling CUP (get it? cause we’re using cups as targets?)😅 #spyra #viral #fyp #spyratwo #challenge #game #cup ♬ Graduate - BLVKSHP


Trickshot #4

Pirates of the Caribbean 


You know it from the old days: self-made paper boats are put into the river and watched on their way downstream. You can use this as inspiration to launch things purposefully down the river. However, please take care of the environment and do not choose plastic bottles as targets. Bottle corks (which you should still have from the last night of drinking anyway, you party animals), wood, bark, walnuts etc. are also fully functional opponents.

For the mommies and daddies in our SpyraCommunity: this trickshot is also perfect for a family outing. While the kids spend lots of time outdoors and in nature, you can practice your aim. Win-Win. 

Trickshot #5

Table tennis speedster


If you're already good at table tennis, this sport can get very monotonous. The exchange of blows can go back and forth for several minutes without anything special happening. With this trick shot, you add a little more spice to it. While two friends are battling it out in table tennis, you stand at the height of the net and try to shoot the ball in the running game. Thrills for the table tennis players and for the water blaster shooter.

Trickshot #6

The dark side of power


"Turning out the lights" takes on a whole new meaning here. When practised, there is no cooler way to put out the candles at an autumn BBQ than to shoot them with a SpyraBlast.

What may sound simple at first has its difficulties. After all, you don't want the whole candle to fall off the table, but only the flame to go out. If you are already a Precisition Shinobi, this trickshot can be the next challenge for you. Otherwise, we recommend that you first complete the basic training and then move forward. You don't play with fire.

Trickshot #7

Moving legend


Unlike the Flying Fall, it is not objects that move here, but you yourself. Whether on a skateboard, on a scooter, in a kettle car or in an electronic mini van, there are no limits to your possibilities to find a mobile vehicle. Now you have to set up cups or similar objects that you can shoot from your vehicle. Especially the coordination on a scooter, kettle car etc. quickly becomes a limiting and challenging factor here. The true legends combine this trick with the flying fall. Two-fold movement for two-fold challenge.


▪️   ▪️   ▪️   ▪️   ▪️   ▪️   ▪️   ▪️


You have questions about a trick shot or can't quite imagine how it should work? Be sure to check out our TikTok channel. There we show you the trickshots in action once again. >> Click here to go to TikTok.

Otherwise, we are very excited to see what trickshots our SpyraCommunity has in store. Tag us on your videos and show our trickshot OGs how it's done. And now it's time to: Load up, get out there and work on your trickshots.

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